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Flight TO Schd Expected Status
EZY7435 MALAGA 0635 0629 Departed
EZY7415 ALICANTE 0700 0653 Departed
EZY7401 AMSTERDAM 0730 0723 Departed
BE6020 / AF6449 RENNES 0740 0740 Departed
EZY7371 GENEVA 1025 1030 Departed
EZY7451 ARRECIFE 1330 Bag Drop
BE6036 GRONINGEN 1445 Please Wait
EZY7419 PARIS CDG 1445 Please Wait
EZY7403 AMSTERDAM 1530 Please Wait
EZY7383 BARCELONA 1810 Please Wait
BE6024 / AF6430 RENNES 1820 Please Wait
EZY7405 AMSTERDAM 1825 Please Wait