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We’re All Ears

In order that we can measure our performance and constantly look for ways to improve, we ask that once you have travelled through our airport you take some time to feedback to us on our special assistants service. Please click on this link to which will take you to an independent survey designed by the Civil Aviation Authority. The survey should only take a few minutes to complete and thank you for the time.

Information on the Assistance Provided at London Southend Airport

London Southend Airport aims to ensure that every passenger is able to travel through with ease and simplicity. In order to achieve this the airport offers different services to passengers with specific needs. For a breakdown please see below:

BLND Passengers with visual impairments. The airport can provide wheelchair or a member of staff to offer assistance landside to airside including out to aircraft including introductions to designated crew members

DEAF Passengers with hearing impairments. The airport can provide wheelchair or a member of staff to offer assistance landside to airside including out to aircraft including introductions to designated crew members. London Southend Airport also aims to provide Agents who are trained signers.

WHCR Passengers who have difficulties walking distances. The airport provides wheelchair assistance from landside to airside with an Agent pushing the chair if required.

WCHS Passengers who are unable to walk long distances and/or are unable to manage steps. The airport provides wheelchair assistance from landside to the aircraft with an Agent pushing the chair if required and the ambi lift for Easyjet and the Xpax chair for Stobart aircraft.

WCHC Passengers who are immobile. The airport provides lift (ambi lift or Xpax chair) up to the aircraft, use of aisle chairs on specific flights, and a trained member of Ground Handling staff to carry to the designated seat on-board aircraft. This is for all airlines.

All airlines accommodate mobility scooters and passengers manual powered WCH’s and we would advise passengers to pre book this with the airline before arriving at the airport as airline authorisation may be required prior to travel.

Information on how to Obtain Special Assistance at London Southend Airport or with an Airline Whilst Travelling from London Southend Airport

We would advise that passengers with reduced mobility who require assistance contact the airline or tour operator they are flying with in advance of their flight, please find details on the passenger assistance links.

The Ticket Desk within the entrance concourse of the terminal is the designated assistance meeting point. Should assistance be required from the car park please press the assistance button on the entrance barrier.

London Southend Airport Ticket Desk: Telephone: +44 (0) 1702 538517This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Information on Support offered to Customers with Hidden Disabilities

At London Southend Airport we wholly recognise that for some of our customers the airport itself can be a challenging environment. When you have a hidden disability, such as autism, dementia or are sight or hearing-impaired, the unfamiliar, bustling and occasionally noisy surroundings can become a little overwhelming. We want to support every passenger as best we can therefore we have launched a progressive scheme to assist passengers with hidden disabilities who may require additional support.

A entirely voluntary discreet blue wristband is available for passengers with hidden disabilities and their families to wear as a subtle sign to airport staff that additional support or help may be required.

As part of the scheme, we have undertaken in-house training for key staff to ensure they can play their part in making sure that people with hidden disabilities enjoy a stress-free airport experience.

From Check-In to Departure Gate we are now able to provide even greater assistance and understanding for passengers with a range of needs. This may involve giving a passenger more time to process information such as requests for documentation, or preparing themselves for Security. Staff will be using clear speech and explaining to these passengers what to expect as they travel through the airport.

It is important to state that the wristbands are being offered to passengers and their family/carers on a purely voluntary basis and are completely free. Any customers who require assistance are also always welcome to approach a member of staff who will be happy to assist.

The wristbands are available from the Ticket Desk in the terminal building.

Information on Getting to / from London Southend Airport by Private and Public Transportation

Railway Station

Our railway station has been designed with easy access in mind. On approach to the station there is a covered walkway which will keep you protected whatever the weather. Once in the station our staff will be more than willing to accommodate you and help you around the station. In order to access the opposite platform there are lifts on both sides on the station.

If you require assistance please contact our railway station team on: Telephone: +44 (0) 1702 545536 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Passenger Terminal

Our new terminal building has its concourse, departures and arrivals on one level with security, first class lounge and Laker's bar on a mezzanine level. There are lifts, escalators and stairs within the new terminal to allow easy access for every passenger. However if you require assistance with boarding or disembarking the aircraft or at any point during your travel through the terminal please feel free to contact London Southend Airport prior to travelling or go to the Ticket Desk which is the designated desk for Assistance.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1702 538517This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information on the Layout of London Southend Airport and Terminal/Car Park Distances

Car Park and Terminal Distances

If you are unsure whether you need assistance at London Southend airport, please consider the following approximate walking times:

Long Stay 3 car park to check in concourse - 3 minutes - 246 metres/ 808 feet/ 269 yards
Long Stay 2 car park to check in concourse - 3 minutes - 269 metres/ 881 feet/ 294 yards
Long Stay 1 car park to Check In Concourse - 2 minutes - 115 metres/ 378 feet/ 126 yards
Short Stay car park to Check In Concourse - 2 minutes - 115 metres/ 378 feet/ 126 yards
Check-in Concourse to Security - 2 minutes
Security to Departure Lounge - 1 minute
Departure Lounge to Aircraft Stand (furthest stand) - 2 minutes
Arrivals Hall to Long Stay 2 or 3 car parks - 4 minutes
Arrivals Hall to Short Stay or Long Stay 1 car parks - 3 minutes

Car Parking

There are designated disabled bays within both our long stay and short stay car parks with the disabled bays in close proximity to the new passenger terminal. If passengers require assistance getting to and from the car parks please contact London Southend Airport on the below details prior to arriving at the airport or press the assistance button on the barrier prior to entry.

We would advise that passengers who require special assistance look to book into the Long Stay 1 car park as this is the closest car park to the terminal.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1702 538517This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

London Southend Airport aims to provide high standards of assistance to all passengers with disabilities that require extra support throughout their journey at the airport as soon as possible. Our target are as follows:

  Departing Customers Arriving Customers
  Standard waiting time once customer has made themselves known to staff at London Southend Airport Target Standard waiting time for assistance available at gate from arrival on chocks Target
Assistance Pre-booked at least 24 hours prior to the flight  10mins 80% 5mins 80%
20mins 90%  10mins 90%
30mins 100% 20mins 100%
Non pre-booked assistance required 25mins 80% 25mins 80%
35mins 90% 35mins 90%
45mins 100% 45mins 100%

London Southend Airport commits that 100% of pre-notified passengers requesting assistance will reach aircraft in time for departure and for non-notified we will make every effort to provide assistance.

At London Southend Airport we are constantly monitoring our quality standards to ensure we are meeting our targets and commitments to our passengers with reduced mobility.

Download Summer 2016 reporting data here.

Download Winter 2015/16 reporting data here.

Consulting with Disability Organisations

At London Southend Airport we are actively involved and meet with disability organisations and groups.

Over the past year we have been focused on engaging with organisations working with hidden disabilities. More specifically the airport have been working with Alzheimer’s Society via the Strategy and Commissioning Officer for Dementia, and we are proud to be the first UK’s Dementia Friendly Airport.

Recently the airport developed a leaflet with advice to customers and carers travelling through London Southend Airport who suffer with Dementia. Please Click Here to download the leaflet.

You can find details of our dialogue and activity with various organisations/groups in this document


Information on Security at London Southend Airport

London Southend Airport aims to ensure that every passenger finds the necessary security process at London Southend Airport simple and easy.

On entry to security: There is a fast track lane for all passengers who have pre-booked assistance with their airlines which takes passengers directly to the load area where a member of staff we be able to assist with the loading procedure.

Medical equipment within luggage: Once at the load area passengers are kindly requested to ensure that they inform Agents of any medication and/or any medical equipment which is in hand luggage. This will be handled with the utmost care by the security agents.

Mobility equipment (excluding wheelchairs or mobility scooters): At the load area any mobility equipment not needed for assistance to pass through security should be placed within the load trays.

Mobility equipment needed for passing through security area: Should a passenger require mobility equipment to pass through the security process they will be able to pass through a gate to the side of arch and a trained Agent will perform a full search including a search of any mobility equipment.

Passengers are asked to note that private search rooms are available. Should passengers wish to be searched within a private room please inform an Agent when going through security.

Information on Mobility Equipment

Departing passengers:

Passengers with mobility equipment are, where necessary, are able to remain with personal equipment until on board the aircraft. London Southend Airport would request passengers who need equipment up until the aircraft to present to check in/bag drop to have equipment tagged with a baggage tag to ensure a smooth process at the aircraft. If passengers require their equipment to be placed into any bags and/or covers please ensure that this is also tagged.

Once at the aircraft if equipment is not needed for boarding and settling in a seat it should be handed over to a member of the Ground Handling team who will be near to the steps of the aircraft at ground level. The Agents will then check to ensure all labels have been correctly allocated, will check with passengers if any bags and/or covers are required and are tagged, and will place the item into the hold last to ensure it is removed first on arrival ready for collection.

Once at the aircraft if a passenger is using an ambi-lift to enter the cabin the Ground Handling Agent will use the passengers personal equipment to aid them on boarding the aircraft and locating their seat. London Southend Airport would request that if passengers have any equipment which needs to be placed inside bags and/or covers that they explain this to the Agent once seated on board the aircraft.

Arriving passengers:

Passengers arriving at London Southend Airport should find their personal mobility equipment waiting for them when disembarking. For passengers who are able to disembark via. the aircraft stairs personal mobility equipment will be waiting at the foot of the front aircraft stairs with an Agent who is able to help with any queries or assistance. Passengers disembarking through an ambi-lift will have their personal mobility equipment placed into the lift with an Agent waiting on the ground outside the lift to help with any queries or assistance.

In the unlikely event of equipment becoming damaged within the hold of the aircraft or not arriving at the final destination London Southend Airport has a variety of equipment which is available to be used by passengers until the original personal mobility equipment is fixed, replaced and/or delivered to the passenger.

Information on Assistance Dogs

Guide and hearing dogs are the only dogs allowed in the London Southend Airport terminal building, except for those travelling on flights. Passengers are kindly requested to note that guide dogs can only travel if they are registered with the Pet Travel Scheme and if allowed by the airline and holiday destination the passenger is travelling with.

Contact London Southend Airport:

Email Enquiries This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.