Where to Go

There is only one check-in area located at the end of the building with signs clearly directing passengers in the correct direction.

There are 10 check in desks and each will display on the screens above the desks which airline they are checking in.

If you have already checked in online and only have hand luggage you may go directly through security to the departure lounge, this is clearly sign posted and is located at the top of the escalators near to check in/ bag drop, security is a short walk along the balcony.

When to Arrive

Check your ticket or booking confirmation for advice on checking-in/ bag drop times. As a general guide we would suggest if dropping bags or checking in that you arrive at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled time of departure.

Passengers should be aware that the terminal building is open between 04:00 and 00:00. All passengers arriving before 04:00 will not be allowed access to the terminal.


At Check-in / Bag Drop

To save time, have your tickets/ booking confirmation and passport ready, and make sure your hand baggage contains only valuables and items you will need during the journey.

easyJet offers online check in which opens 30 days before the day of departure and closes 2 hours before the standard departure time. easyJet does operate a 100% online check in system and advise passengers to have boarding cards printed before arriving at the airport.

Flybe offers online check in which opens 36 hours before the standard time of departure and closes 2 hours before the standard departure time.

SkyWork and Thomson/First Choice have check in desks within the airport which open 2 hours before the standard time of departure.


Can I bring Christmas crackers or party poppers within my luggage

Christmas Crackers

Yes you can, but it is recommended that you pack the Christmas crackers, sealed in the original packaging, in your hold luggage.

If you would like to put the Christmas Crackers in cabin baggage, you can bring up to two boxes of Christmas crackers as or within cabin baggage as long as they are still sealed in the original packaging.

Please be aware:
Some crackers contain novelty items – such as sharp objects – that aren't allowed on-board as cabin baggage. Please check the packaging before you get to the airport as any crackers with these novelty items will have to be put in as hold luggage. 

Party Poppers

Party poppers are not permitted to be taken on aircraft in either cabin baggage or in hold baggage.