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Security and safety is London Southend Airport's main concern for all passengers, visitors and staff. By ensuring you have checked through the below we can endeavour to get you through quickly, safely and easily.

Do not leave any baggage or personal items unattended at any time when you are at the airport, as it will be removed for security reasons and may be destroyed.

Restrictions on liquids:

There are restrictions on liquids, gels, pastes and creams which can be taken through security either in hand luggage or on your person. These include bottled drinks, suntan lotions, fragrances, cosmetics and toiletries.  These restrictions apply to all passengers departing from airports within the EU wherever their destination.  It is worth reading through the following as any restricted liquids will be confiscated by our security team.

  • Liquid items must be within a container marked 100ml or less - any liquids within a container marked larger than 100ml (whether full or not) will be confiscated

  • All liquid items must be placed within an individual sealed transparent bag

  • Containers must be carried in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures 20cm by 20cm with no depth

  • Liquids must be placed separately to luggage on the conveyor belt so that security staff are aware of their presence

  • Liquid items which are larger than 100ml must be placed into hold luggage or will be confiscated by security

  • Each passenger is allowed to take through one sealed 20cm by 20cm (8in by 8in) transparent bag. Passengers will not be allowed to take through more than one bag of liquids per person

 Baby food and milk

Passengers travelling with a baby are able to take through a certain amount of food and milk within their hand luggage. Passengers are only allowed to carry what is considered to be an adequate amount of food and milk for the journey they will be taking. Please be aware that if taking baby food and drink through security the adult who is carrying these liquids may be required to taste it. For more information please click here.

For further information please see the Department for Transport website


  • Please ensure that you pack the entirety of your bags yourself. Never allow anyone to tamper with your luggage

  • Do not travel with any gifts or items on behalf of another person

  • Never leave luggage unattended in or around the airport grounds. This is considered a security risk and all luggage left unattended will be removed and may be destroyed

  • Do not pack any sharp or restricted items into your hand luggage. These items will be removed from your luggage

  • Remember to weigh your luggage before you arrive to avoid having to remove items from your luggage. Each airline will be able to advise you of the weights and dimensions are allowed for each piece of luggage

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